Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas photo craft

Ahh, the stress of getting the perfect picture of your children to use on your Christmas card. Let's do a craft to commemorate that process ;) This project was inspired by Sarah at Clover Lane, you can see her version here.

It's so fun to look back at past year's pictures, and the kids love to see how they've grown. If you don't do yearly Christmas/Holiday card pictures, you could use any picture you have from each year.

To start, I gathered up all of our old Christmas pictures (I usually have some leftover from my cards each year.) Then I picked up these wooden frames from Hobby Lobby.

I painted them with a white wash (half white paint mixed with half water) just doing one coat. The white wash will dry pretty quickly if you do a light coat.

Next, I printed out a band of green with the year for each picture. Be smart (unlike me) and save this file somewhere you can find in next year, so you don't have to recreate it and try to match the font and color! UGH!
I had to take a picture of my computer screen, because I'm out of ink!

Next, I cut out the green strips and modge-podged it on the wooden plates. Once that was dry, I used double-sided tape to tape on the pictures. I tried one version where I modge-podged over the picture, not a good idea, it looked BAD!

The last thing I did was drill a small hole at the top of each plate to thread the ribbon through.

Plan ahead and make the ribbon longer, so you can add a picture each year. You could get much more elaborate with the ribbon, maybe a thick velvet ribbon you could glue to the back of the frames. Or, you could add some more embellishments to the bottom of the ribbon where I have the jingle bells. I kept mine pretty simple, due to two sets of curious hands around here!

I have mine hanging in our pretend mud room, so we see every time we come and go!

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  1. A really cute idea! I love this and we can add to it every year!